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3 Low Impact Sports for Seniors

Regular exercise is vital for everyone, especially seniors, mainly because exercise helps seniors stay healthy and prevent a number of aging-related health issues. Many seniors have restricted mobility and leading a sedentary could give rise to problems like diabetes and heart disease. This is why seniors should get enough exercise. And sports are a great way of doing so.

Seniors should get at least half an hour of exercise five times a week. These exercises should include muscle-strengthening activities so that seniors can maintain healthy muscles. Some senior living facilities are not able to provide seniors with facilities that can help them exercise and some seniors get bored of the same type of exercise programs. This can lead to disinterest and return to a less active lifestyle.

To keep seniors interested in exercise, many senior assisted living facilities are using new alternatives, such as senior-friendly sports. These are low-impact sports but provide the right amount of exercise that seniors need daily. Such activity can also help seniors remain more socially active.

Low Impact Sports for Seniors

Many of these sports are low-impact, meaning they don’t put much stress on the body. However, while they bring no stress, they still bring a good amount of activity for seniors to benefit from.

Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is a popular sport among seniors. The sport is even played in the Special Olympics.

It’s a simplistic, low impact sport. A small ball is rolled onto the court and each team takes turns tossing larger balls towards it. The team with the maximum number of balls near the small ball wins.

Being a low impact sport, seniors can enjoy the fun and exercise, even those with physical issues. It is also a team game and encourages social interaction. Finally, seniors get some mental exercise also, because strategy is needed to play.

Badminton and Ping Pong

If a senior enjoyed tennis in the past but can’t do so now due to medical issues, they may try badminton or ping pong. Unlike tennis, badminton and ping pong require lesser movement and activity and hence, a smaller chance of injury for seniors.

Wiffle Ball

Wiffle ball is a great option in low-impact sports for seniors, especially those who played baseball. Due to lighter equipment and a smaller field, Wiffle ball is a good choice for seniors. Wiffle ball is a team game, and hence, offer the opportunity for social interaction.

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